Special Thanks


Th20150310_094929anks to Fox 2 News for the hospitality and interview.  Watch Our Interview on the AM Morning Show in St Louis.

This season is coming up fast . . . and we couldn’t do it without the great support of the community.  Special thanks to Fox 2 News for giving the opportunity to share our story.  We won’t let you down!



niel hatchardNeil Hatchard for teaming up with us and teaching us the value of a win-win business partnership. We look forward to a successful summer with you! Neil owns i9 sports, where young children can go to learn the basics of popular sports NS work on important values such as teamwork, as well as socialize with kids their age. We are honored to be involved in this organization as their concession. Jack has had so much fun playing soccer with you! Check out i9 sports here!

Mike Weinberg – for your great sales book.  It is “required reading” for our family and made sales easy.Our Sales Training Book


Thank you to Stan from Cool Times for giving us all of the wonderful advice and really taking us under your wing.


Go Brand Go is a strategic marketing firm

GoBrandGo Team


Brandon & Derek and the GoBrandGo crew.  Thanks for showing us open book management, having us out for a corporate event, and always promoting our story.  You Guys Rock!




gioia's deli truckAlex and Amanda Donley – Gioia’s Deli Food Truck, for sitting down with us and talking us through our business model and helping us firm up our “soft spots”. We can’t thank you enough for your attention and expertise, and we can’t wait to work with you this summer! Want to know where Gioia’s Deli food truck will be next? Follow them on twitter here! 




Mark Klose from 97.1 for spending almost 2 hours and giving us GREAT ideas.  Also – GETTING US ON THE RADIO!! THANKS MARK

mark klose


Listen to the Coneheads interview on the radio.

Whitney Drake

Whitney Drake for sitting down with us and being one of the first to do our “ask the expert coffees”. We felt so much more confident going out and meeting with other experts, so thank you for getting the ball rolling!




Tony Spielberg


Tony Speilberg, we can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to walk us through some of our ideas and give us advice on where to go next to take Coneheads to the next level. We really appreciate your expertise. Check out Tony’s business Red Label!



Reed Snyder


Reed Snyder for giving us such wonderful sales training! Selling is hard, but the coaching that you’ve given us is amazing and we use it every day.


Thank you to our parents for helping us with the legal and administrative aspects of the business and giving us the grace and opportunity to make our own way (and mistakes)!!

A huge thanks to all of the people that we’ve met and the business that you have done with us. There is no Coneheads without you and we really appreciate all of your support!