NEED TO RAISE FUNDS FOR A CAUSE . . . Coneheads has the solution




No matter the activity:  church, scouting, sports, or even just school.  It seems that kids need to raise money much more often than possible.  Coneheads understands that need and is committed to giving kids a way to raise the money they need while working with the Coneheads team during an event.

10320913_298379970324009_5278864895999217129_oConeheads team can help with fundraising by donating a portion of sales, leasing the truck for an event (fair, car wash, concession stand, etc.).  While serving ice cream, kids who need to raise money will get the chance to help sell, stock, and deliver products on a designated location.

We take being a corporate citizen very seriously.  We are proud to help raise money for the following causes in previous seasons:

-Chesterfield Football Association

-i9 Sports - concession stands

-Parkway Central High School Football

-Stages Performing Arts

and many more.

To discuss your fundraising needs, contact us with the specifics of the event and a team member will reach out to you to finalize.