So……you guys really run this by yourselves?

For the most part, yes! Under the expert eyes of our parents who are there to answer any questions that we may have. They got the ball rolling, but basically everything else is all thanks to our hard work!

We do all sales, inventory, pricing, keep our books (well Clayton does) and run all events.  It is truly a great experience.  Here are just a few terms we learned last year:

Gross Profit vs. Net Profit (We were doing good until we gassed up!)

Inventory Shrinkage (When we forget to plug in the fridge and it melts)

Clearance Sale (Teenage Ninja Turtle Heads – could not give them away)

Cash Call - (When too much melts – buying more ice cream with your own money . . . not fun!)

Each season we get to make some mistakes, learn from the mistakes, and then get better the next season.  By the time Jack is in charge . . . we should be doing OK?