About Us

Hello! My name is Hannah Meuret and with my five younger siblings, (Clayton 17, Victoria 15, Alex 13, Rachel 11, and Jack 5), we own the Coneheads Ice Cream truck.

Go Huskerss


-I (Hannah) am a graduate of Lafayette High School and currently a sophomore in college.  I am a Husker . . . like my dad . . . GBR!

I am officially CFO (Chief Fun Officer)




-Clayton is a junior at CBC, runs cross country and track.  Clayton is saving to go to Mizzou to study finance and business.  For Fourth of July, he dressed up as . . . . something patriotic.  Did an even in a neighborhood after a parade and pool party.  Clayton brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Although Clayton does all the books, he is COO because he ones to be one L away from “COOL”



Victoria Flipping

-Victoria is a freshman in high school and is currently attending Brightmont Academy to focus more time on her gymnastics training at Team Central Gymnastics. (Click Here to see her scores and rank)

Victoria manages inventory, pricing, and setting up new events.



Lord Farquad

-Alex (7th grade) at Rockwood Valley Middle School. You may know Alex as the star of many area musicals (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sound of Music, and professional production of Fiddler on the Roof.)  He is one of the shining faces in the Stages Triple Threat crew.  Triple Threats did a great production of Sussical, Click Here to see Alex as Jo Jo.

– Yeah . . . this kid is doing sales.




-Rachel (6th) attend Rockwood Valley Middle School, wants to go to law school like her mom did, and plays basketball and volleyball.  She is also a cheerleader.

Rachel helps in larger events and loves handling customer issues.


jaclk shopping-Jack will be attending Kindergarten at Chesterfield Elementary School this fall.  At this point . . . he wants to be a wizard.  (It could happen!)  He hates shopping for supplies, here he is after some Christmas shopping “Shopping is NEVER going to end!



We started our ice cream truck business to help pay for college tuition or at the very least, earn some spending money but it is has proven to be a very unique opportunity for my siblings and I to learn the ways of the business world. With both of our parents being entrepreneurs themselves, starting our own business is kind of in our blood. We love running the truck and working with all of our clients. This is honestly the best summer job ever, and we have all of you to thank for that!  

Hannah Meuret, GBR