bomb popFor many a kid, the arrival of summer coincided with the ringing of faraway bells, ones that signified the approach of a little white truck, filled to the brim with frozen treats. And, assuming your parents were generous with their spare change, you would soon come face to face with a vast menu of choices plastered on the side of the truck. With so many items to choose from, many gravitated towards the most patriotic of Popsicles – the Bomb Pop. Popular for over 50 years now, they have proven that they are as American as apple pie and Chevrolet.

As many of you surmised long ago, these are no ordinary popsicles. A Bomb Pop is a girthy hunk of flavored ice, shaped like a rocket and consisting of three specific layers of flavor – red (cherry), white (lime) and blue (raspberry). They were invented in 1955, by two Kansas City, Missouri men named James S. Merritt and D.s. “Doc” Abernathie.

The pair sold the rights to Wells Dairy, who began distributing the popular product under the Blue Bunny brand. Over the years, they have become a staple of ice cream trucks, grocery stores, and many a Fourth of July celebration. Nothing says patriotism like proudly holding up a Bomb Pop as it drips small sticky streams of syrupy multi-colored goo down your arm on a hot summer day.

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